St. Luke Call Process

Based on the vote from April 2022, St. Luke Council and Call Committee worked closely with the Synod office to discuss next steps after the vote failed to pass (56% vs. 66% needed). We are excited to share that we have entered into a covenant with Pastor David Patterson to become our interim pastor as the Call Committee continues the search.

Pastor Dave will begin in July and will be serving St. Luke on a part-time basis (15 hours per week). We are working out the final details and will keep you updated on our website and in our Sunday bulletin.  Click here to meet Pastor Dave!

Click to read Pastor Dave's June article:  Garden of Blessings 

Our congregation is blessed with many great people who are willing to serve! The Call Committee is made up of six voting members who will represent the needs of our entire congregation.  It will be their role to interview and present a candidate to the congregation who will match our ministry profile previously created and shared.  They continue to interview candidates as they become available.

St. Luke Call Committee Members: Rebecca Kuhlow (Call Committee Chair), Samantha Meyer (Call Committee Secretary), Cheryl Kohl, Andrew Perman, Paul Schroeder and Rodney Van Engen. 

As we work with the Greater Milwaukee Synod, we have learned that nearly HALF of the 120 congregations are somewhere in the transition state like St. Luke.  In addition, these conditions exist across the ELCA on a national basis – every U.S. synod is being impacted by this.  With a pastor shortage, this process will likely take more time. 

Continue to keep the Call Committee in your prayers throughout the call process.  Also, please continue to pray and THANK all those who are serving on Sundays, especially Pastor Karl Nelson, Pastor Chuck Turbin and Pastor James Gilliam III.